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Pansydaisy, established in 2003, has been developing illustration based and graphic design based gift and stationery brands together with our artists and designers.

Magic Soup was our first project, and our present main projects are Paperways and L'après-midi. Since our first international show appearance at Birmingham and Tokyo in 2009, we have exhibited at Maison & Objet in Paris since January 2010, and our two brands has grown up as international brands. We are also launching two more brands, and our vision is to be a master hub of many high quality design projects with many creative people.

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Paperways is the cure to our wanderlust, with a minimalist approach to design for the savvy adventurer. A brand identity that's always on the move, we're taken along on its endless journey and transported to lands afar. Clean, contemporary lines, shapes, and patterns coupled with durable construction transform everyday stationery into bold statements for the home, office, and beyond. Developed in 2008 by designer J.Han, Paperways strives to incorporate eco-friendly recycled materials into every possible stage of the production process and is now under the care and attention of designer Boram.



L'après-midi takes us out of our busy lives and into a slower pace, to revel in the breezy, airy charms of the big city. "The afternoon" in French, iconic sights around the world materialize through the dancing strokes of a watercolor brush by illustrator Wooran. Casual scenes are replayed from her travels starting with Paris and London in 2010. In 2019, she returned to Paris to work on a special release celebrating ten years, and is set to bring new, inspired illustrations from a series of other destinations over the coming decade. Wooran has been with Pansydaisy since 2008, debuting with works on the theme of gardens. 



Ô Vermillon! Shout it from the hills, fields, and forests, for all to hear - and see. Clear, brilliant colors reminiscent of densely pigmented vermilion splash across finely detailed scenes that convey a sense of warmth and coziness. Catch illustrator Chezlin and her family saunter past you as they enjoy common yet timeless pleasures outdoors in every season of the year. Personifying those carefree days away from all our troubles, the imagery reveals to us that je ne sais quoi that fills our hearts with joy and reminds us of our most memorable moments with loved ones.


Titta introduces thick, luscious colors accented across cleanly structured cityscapes in these works by illustrator Suhyun. Filter out the noise and see the true character of the city. Chic blocks, tidy avenues, and orderly boulevards are frozen in time to capture the seductive radiance of the city from dawn until dusk. When the shops close, turn the corner into the backstreets and find sanctuary in the solitude, luminated by the flicker from candlelit homes whose aroma of baked spices linger in the crisp air of the night sky. Titta is demure, sophisticated, and perfectly balanced.



B-409 SK Twin Tower

119 Gasan Digital 1-ro


Seoul 08589,  South Korea


T: +82-2-334-6902

F: +82 2 2139 1136     

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